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Why Promote National Fitness?

Apr. 07, 2020

1. Why promote national fitness?

Extensive development of national fitness activities can implement the improvement of people's physique, and the implementation of the beautiful vision of national health. Only then can it be possible to gradually realize the goal of a comprehensive well-off society based on the basic reality of national health.

Why Promote National Fitness?

2. What is a national fitness program?

The National Fitness Program is a sports fitness program led by the state, supported by the society, and participated by the whole people. It is a social system project supporting the realization of the goal of socialist modernization and a strategic plan for the development of the national physical construction across the century.

3. What are the targets of the National Fitness Program?

The National Fitness Program is aimed at all people, with a focus on teenagers and children.

Why Promote National Fitness?

4. Sports facilities are the basic guarantee for national fitness?

Sports facilities are the basic guarantee for national fitness. Governments at all levels should plan the construction of sports facilities in a coordinated manner with the urbanization development, rationally arrange the layout, and focus on building a number of small and medium-sized sports venues, public fitness activity centers, outdoor multi-function stadiums, fitness trails and other venues for the convenience of the people, to revitalize the stock resources , Renovate old workshops, warehouses, old commercial facilities, etc. for sports fitness, encourage social forces to build miniaturized and diversified sports venues and fitness facilities, the government supports them by purchasing services, and build 15-minute fitness circles in urban communities The coverage of sports facilities in newly built communities will reach 100%, and the implementation of farmers' fitness programs will be implemented to achieve 100% full coverage of public sports facilities in towns and administrative villages.

5. What are the functions of using fitness equipment to exercise?

Exercise with fitness equipment can enhance people's physique, improve people's immunity, relieve people's mental pressure, promote people's physical recovery, eliminate people's physical and mental fatigue, and improve people's health.

6. Which three basic conditions should be used to exercise with fitness equipment?

One is to pay attention to safety;

Second, the effect of exercise is good;

The third is to participate in fitness exercises of interest.

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