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Even the Epidemic, We can also Exercise Happily

Apr. 02, 2020

2020 is truly a magic year. A sudden epidemic has put more than 200 countries into a state of emergency.

The new coronavirus is menacing, as if the pause button was pressed to the world, making everyone's life change instantly. The festive atmosphere dimmed, the pace of joy stopped, the busy streets quieted down, and the hustle and bustle of the city became quiet.

You can’t visit relatives and friends, you can’t have party, you can’t travel and shop. As the epidemic situation is still severe, we must keep the following points in mind when facing the epidemic situation:

Coronaviruses are not afraid, they are afraid of disobedience

1,Please make sure to stay at home.

2,If you have to go out, please wear a mask.

3,Keep more than 1 meter away from others.

4,Wash your hands frequently.

5,Ventilate the room frequently.

In addition to the above, do you know what is the most critical point in fighting the epidemic? In fact, many experts have mentioned that it is to enhance your immunity. The most important point to enhance immunity is to exercise. Although we can't go to the park now, we can also do some home fitness exercises in the room. As long as you persist every day, you can achieve the effect of exercising on Outdoor Fitness Equipment. Here are some great ways to exercise at home:

First, push-motion

This action is mainly to exercise the pectoral muscles. We find two stools at home and use two hands to support it, and our feet will not fall. Tighten your abdomen and stretch your chest to make the pectoral muscles full and powerful, and perform upper and lower body exercises. 15 are a group, and three groups are to be made.

Even the Epidemic, We can also Exercise Happily

Second, abdomen lift

This action is mainly to exercise the abdomen, lying on a flat ground, legs close to the strength of the abdomen to lift the legs up, and cross your legs up. This exercise can play a role in recovery. Lift up 20 times each time and do three sets.

Even the Epidemic, We can also Exercise Happily

Third, hanging squat exercise

This action mainly trains our legs, leaning against a wall at home, slowly squatting on the strength of the legs, hands parallel forward, while squatting, you can also reduce leg fat, 3 to each 4 groups of 15.

Even the Epidemic, We can also Exercise Happily

Fourth, sit-up exercise

This action is mainly to exercise the abdomen, the body lies flat on the floor mat, hands crossed on the back of the brain, drive the knees, feet parallel, straight, find someone to press and hold. Keep your body up by waist and abdomen force. Don't go too fast. Each group of 20 can reduce abdominal muscles.

Even the Epidemic, We can also Exercise Happily

Even if the epidemic has passed, please don't forget that the body is the capital of the revolution. Only by exercising our body first can we be able to do what we want to do.

After the epidemic is over, in addition to travelling, gatherings, etc., please don’t forget to go outdoors, open your arms, take a deep breath with your eyes closed, and experience the beauty of nature. You can also say hello to the outdoor fitness equipment, exercise your limbs on the outdoor fitness equipment, stretch your waist, press your legs. You can also meet a few friends and play an unbeatable football on the green football field. Let's hug each other and tell each other that we are all good.

Beijing Okstar Sports Industry Co., Ltd. has been focusing on outdoor fitness equipment for more than 19 years. We have always been committed to providing services for human health. Various fitness facilities waiting for you to come and enjoy yourself after the epidemic is over!

During the epidemic, we hope everyone will take care of yourselves. Okstar wishes everyone to be safe.

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