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How To Use Community Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Feb. 25, 2021

With the vigorous development of national fitness, many communities have added Adult Fitness Equipment, which has greatly increased residents' enthusiasm for participating in fitness. In order to prevent all kinds of accidents or chronic sports injuries, before using fitness equipment, you should understand how to use them. The following describes how to use several common fitness equipment.



1. Waist And Back Massager

Function: Massage the muscles of the lower back and back and central nervous system.

Method: Hold the armrests with both hands, close the back to the massage wheel, move the body up, down, left, and right with moderate force and slowly, massage the entire back. Do it for 10-15 minutes each time.

2. Single rider

Function: Exercise coordination of hands and feet, enhance cardiopulmonary function and flexibility of whole body joints, and have a healing effect on limbs and back pain.

Method: Sit on the seat, hold the handle tightly with both hands, step on the pedal firmly with both feet, push down with your feet, and pull your hands back at the same time. Keep your chest up and your head up and feet steady during operation, and the time should not exceed 20 minutes.

3. Rowing machine

Function: Exercise the muscles of the chest, abdomen, waist, back and upper limbs, and have the fun of simulating boating.

Method: Sit on the rowing machine, step on the pedals, grasp the handles with both hands and pull back, repeat the simulated rowing motion. When you go up and down the equipment, you must master the balance to avoid falling and muscle strain, and avoid excessive swing.

4. Spacewalker

Function: Enhance the mobility of the lower limbs and improve physical coordination.

Method: Hold the armrest with your feet on the pedals, adjust your body's center of gravity, and move your feet. When holding the handlebar, make sure that your thumb and index finger face each other and hold the handlebar tightly, so as to avoid loose and fall injuries. Do not swing your legs in the same direction, and the swing range should not be too large, otherwise it is easy to strain the muscles around the spine.

I hope the above sharing is helpful to everyone. In addition, the company also provides Elliptical Trainers and lower limb walking trainers. Please feel free to contact us if necessary

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