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Facing the Epidemic, It Is Important to Exercise Moderately Every Day

Apr. 14, 2020

In the face of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, ordinary people should not only go out less, avoid crowded and confined spaces, but also strengthen hygiene awareness, develop good habits such as early sleep and early rise, and not staying up late. In addition, the most important point should also participate in sports in an appropriate amount to enhance the body's resistance.

During the epidemic, it is recommended that you do some indoor exercises every day. Generally speaking, adults can do yoga, aerobics, Pulldown Exercise, and other sports, the elderly can do fitness Qigong Baduanjin, Tai Chi Spinner, etc., and young people can do radio gymnastics, Horizontal Bars and other projects.

Street Workout Facility

Street Workout Facility

Can people exercise outdoors in areas where the epidemic is relatively light? When outdoor fitness, you must do a good job of protection and wear a mask. However, if there are many people in outdoor venues such as parks and sports fields, attention should be paid. In addition, when wearing a mask for exercise, high-intensity exercise is not recommended, but some low-intensity exercise should be selected, such as walking, Tai Chi, and other items. Patients with cardiopulmonary diseases are not recommended to wear masks for fitness.

A small exercise method performed indoors to relieve the discomfort of neck and shoulders caused by sitting for a long time and watching mobile phones. Stretching arm stretching exercises can stretch muscles, improve circulation, and relieve shoulder and neck fatigue. To perform this action, first, cross your fingers with your hands, lift from the abdomen through the chest to the top of your head, turn your wrists into palms and push up to the straight arms; then separate your hands and put them straight arms down on the side of the body. The main point of this action is that the eye follows the hand, and the action stretches. Ten finger pressure exercises can relax the finger channel and improve finger fatigue. When performing this action, the fingers of both hands should face each other and press hard. When doing this action, it requires uniform force, rhythm, alternating pressure, and relaxation, and the fingers will feel swollen after finishing. The forward bending exercise can stretch the waist and thigh muscles. When performing this action, take a sitting position, then straighten your legs forward, and lean your legs in front of your upper body. When doing this, be sure to sit firmly in front of the chair.

During the epidemic, people will be more exposed to mobile phones, computers, and other equipment, whether they are living or working. Therefore, in addition to appropriate exercise every day, it is recommended that you do more eye exercises to relieve eye fatigue and protect your eyesight.

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