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Introduction To Outdoor Fitness Equipment Matching and Use Skills

Dec. 31, 2020

At present, Outdoor Fitness Equipment mainly refers to the National Fitness Path and the Farmer Sports Fitness Project. These two projects of sports fitness facilities constructed by sports administrative departments at all levels using the sports lottery public welfare fund are currently distributed in communities, villages and towns across the country The total number of equipment in parks and green spaces has reached more than 3.3 million pieces. In the face of a large number, wide distribution, and inconsistent standards, how to correctly and scientifically experience physical fitness in use has become a major issue.

Physical training for children and adolescents

Children and adolescents are in the period of physical development. The main purpose of fitness exercise is to promote the growth of height, strengthen physical fitness, shape body shape, and improve intelligence and psychological quality. Therefore, when choosing training equipment, flexible and aerobic exercise should be the main focus. auxiliary.

Fitness equipment exercises should be based on games. Accompanied by adults, use physical training equipment developed and designed for young people to exercise flexibility, climbing, jumping, and other exercises according to age characteristics. For example, choose balance beams, ladders, wall climbing, nets and other equipment for combined training.

Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer

Elderly group fitness path exercise

The main purpose of the fitness path exercise for the elderly is to maintain health, prevent and cure diseases, prolong life, and improve the quality of life. Therefore, the main purpose of exercise should be flexibility, flexibility and strength. Several kinds of equipment can be selected for different combinations, such as walking machine, big wheel, waist twister and other equipment for combined exercise. Exercises are based on the premise that they have a good health care effect on the body's joints. Effective exercise has a positive effect on the stretchability and balance of the waist and leg muscles, and effectively prevents the body's movement system from premature decline.

Fitness path exercise for people with high blood pressure

Scientific and effective exercise can promote its calorie consumption, improve lipid metabolism, enhance cardiovascular and cerebrovascular stress, and achieve the purpose of enhancing physical fitness.

You can choose different fitness path equipment to combine according to your gender, age, condition, and physical condition. When exercising, remember to take a relaxing exercise method with a small amount of exercise and a slower rhythm, such as using a Elliptical Trainer to perform slowly Walking exercises, Tai Chi kneading machine for kneading training, etc.

Shoulder training crowd fitness path exercise

Frozen shoulder is a common disease among middle-aged and elderly people. With the popularization of modern technology products such as computers and mobile phones, patients with frozen shoulder are becoming younger and younger. The exercise of the fitness path can relax the attached shoulder joints, muscles, and ligaments, effectively improve the patient's blood circulation, accelerate the absorption of local exudates, and relax the channels, relieve pain, and accelerate recovery. Such as choosing Upper Limb Trainer, arm strength training device, etc. for combined exercise.

Fitness path exercise for obese people

With the changes in modern lifestyles, the proportion of obese people is increasing. According to the National Fitness Monitoring Report, since 2000, adult overweight and obesity in my country have continued to increase. Obesity can be complicated by diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, bringing hidden dangers to our health and seriously affecting our quality of life. Obese people choose fitness paths to exercise effectively, which can achieve the purpose of consuming excess fat, reducing weight, and rebuilding bodybuilding. You can choose exercise bikes, push-up frames, pedals, abdominal muscle boards, ladders and other equipment for combined exercise.

The popularization of fitness paths has gone through many years, and the innovation and transformation of equipment has been gradually upgraded. Its most fundamental use and purpose is to promote a healthy life for the whole people and popularize fitness awareness. Having been deeply involved in the sports and fitness industry for many years, Haoqi Group deeply understands that every seemingly simple fitness equipment contains professional tests for health and sports. It is necessary to analyze and scientifically plan the equipment layout for the user population to make every piece of fitness equipment. Products are more valuable.

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