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Elliptical machine LCD screen product number: SN-1014
Elliptical machine LCD screen product number: SN-1014

Elliptical machine LCD screen product number: SN-1014


Function:elliptical machine can not only lose weight, thin legs, but also coordinate limbs and bodybuilding. Long-term exercises of the body can help improve the body's patience, exercise cardiopulmonary function, improve exercise power, reduce fat loss, and do recover training.

Exercise method:Stand with your feet on the pedal, hold the handle with both hands, and do exercise. Do not jump on the pedal.

1.USB: Can connect external mobile devices to enjoy the shock of movies and music.

2. Heart rate test: intelligent heart rate system; comfortable heart rate test; check heart rate through safety procedures.

3. Android system: The 10.1-inch screen on the panel, in addition to traditional heartbeat monitoring, time, and sports courses, you can also use wireless to watch news, send and receive emails, watch movies, etc., millions of applications can be downloaded freely.

4. Panel hardware: This panel is equipped with a 1280X720 HD resolution LCD screen, 4G storage space on the fuselage, and 4.2.2 high version Android system.

5. Transmission system: more portable transmission.

6. Power supply: external 220V, built-in 12V transformer.

7. Resistance system: The adopted electromagnetic resistance adjustment system can achieve resistance for weight control / heart rate control.

8. Main frame: The main body of the reinforced frame is firm, durable, stable and beautiful.

9. The maximum weight of the user: 330 pounds / 150KG.

10.Specification size: 2100mm * 750mm * 1500mm.