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Old People Exercise Caution With Community Fitness Equipment

Dec. 24, 2020

Nowadays, community fitness equipment with different functions has become the standard equipment of residents' lives. Many elderly people like to use community fitness equipment to exercise, but everything has two sides, and proper use can play a role in fitness exercise. If it is used improperly, fitness will become an injury. Today, Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment Manufacturers will talk about the key points of common fitness equipment in the community.

Lower Limb Walking Training Apparatus-preventing knee joint strain

The leg kick is mainly used to exercise the strength of the lower limbs. Due to the fixed angle of the equipment, if the knee flexion and extension movements are unreasonable, the lower limbs are improperly exercised, and the exercise is too much, it will increase the burden on the knee joint. Therefore, when the elderly use it, they should pay attention to the knee bending angle not too large, and exercise moderately according to their athletic ability.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Upper Limb Trainer-don't take the pain

The slow pulling action of the upper limb retractor can relax the muscles around the shoulders and can also prevent lumbar disc herniation. However, some elderly friends endure severe pain and use upper limb retractors for long-term exercise. Not only did they fail to improve their symptoms, but they increased local injuries. Remember that not all shoulder pain is frozen shoulder. If it is a rotator cuff injury, the more you exercise, the more serious the injury.

Fitness riding machine-people with lumbar disc herniation should not touch the riding machine

This exercise is very suitable for those who often desk, neck muscles, and lumbar muscles are strained. It relies on the kicking force of the legs and the pulling force of the arms to move the body up and down, thereby achieving the purpose of exercising the joints of the limbs and the waist and abdomen muscles. But for patients with lumbar disc herniation, it is best not to try such devices, especially for the elderly whose back muscles are beginning to degenerate. Because, the fragile spine simply cannot withstand the "torsions" of the rider.

Lumbar and back massager-Do not rotate more than 180°

When practicing the waist twister, middle-aged and elderly people should pay attention to controlling the amplitude of the waist. The speed should be slow and the movements should be gentle, otherwise there is a risk of spraining the psoas muscles. The amplitude should not exceed 180°. It is advisable to complete it every 3-4 seconds.

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