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Do you know leisure station?

Apr. 22, 2020

Everyone knows that there are a lot of outdoor fitness equipment, so how much do you know about the leisure station?

Leisure station is designed with an umbrella membrane structure. The umbrella center column adopts a suspended structure, which is fixed at the center above the main frame by a bracket and a tie rod to fix the umbrella membrane. The part supporting the umbrella membrane is a movable structure, and the height of the umbrella membrane can be adjusted. The solar panel uses a single crystal photo voltaic panel, which charges the battery through the controller. It can be used for more than 70 hours at a time when it is fully charged, and can provide night-time lighting exercises. It has realized a multi-functional fitness center integrating fitness, lighting, entertainment and publicity.

The fitness and leisure station is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people to exercise and leisure. It provides a automatic broadcast system and can also provide effective exercise for upper and lower limbs. Place is the first choice in outdoor fitness equipment.It is a very good place for leisure, exercise, sheltering from the wind and rain.

Do you know leisure station?

The following introduces the exercise methods and main functions of the leisure station:

1. Exercise method:

1) Stretching frame: horizontal bar-jump up and grasp the horizontal bar, do pull-ups, flexion of arms, or swing forward and backward.

Rib section-Select the horizontal bar according to your height, hang the body off the ground, back against the horizontal bar to abdomen, and gradually increase the intensity and number of exercises.

2) Twisting Waist and back: The practitioner sits on the twisting disc, leaning his back on the massage stick, holding the armrest with both hands, slowly turning the waist back and forth, and getting a back massage.

3) Waist massage: The user sits on the round seat, leans the massage stick on the waist, grasps the armrest with both hands with moderate force, and pulls the armrest up and down to make the massage stick roll and massage on the waist.

4) Leg massage: Hold the armrest with one hand and place the single leg on the massage wheel under the lower side.

2.The main functions of the product:

1) Stretching frame: By using of equipment for exercise, you can exercise the strength of the upper limbs, shoulders, chest muscles and body drape ability; improve cardiopulmonary function, stretch leg muscles, enhance body flexibility and flexibility;

2) Twist waist and back: enhance the flexibility of the human limbs and spine joints, stretch hip, spine and back muscles. It has a healing effect on lumbar muscle strain, back pain, muscle atrophy, etc. Massage back points to relieve waist and back fatigue, improve blood circulation and regulate the nervous system of the lower back, regular exercise can improve sleep.

3) Lumbar Massage: Increase the muscle strength of the human waist and promote blood circulation in the lower back. Improve blood circulation and regulate the nervous system of the neck, regular exercise can improve sleep.

4) Leg massage: Massage the muscles of the lower limbs to enhance the flexibility of the legs and achieve the effect of relaxing muscles and activating blood circulation.

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