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Guide to 4 Commonly Ued Outdoor Gym Equipment.

Mar. 25, 2020

Although the fitness industry is now developing rapidly, gyms are only available in some areas, and many people cannot afford the expense, so outdoor is their first choice for fitness. Outdoor sports have their own characteristics. Outdoor sports include surface sports and navigation such as diving and swimming. Land sports and cycling sports such as trekking, walking, orienteering. Cycling, such as long-distance road bikes, mountain bike cross-country, BMX maneuvering, mountain descent. Mountain sports and underground activities, downhill, climbing, camping, and hunting, fishing, etc. These outdoor sports are not only suitable for young people, but also suitable for the elderly. Some outdoor sports can not do without the assistance of outdoor equipment. Below we can take a look at commonly used Outside Gym Equipment:

1. Horizontal Bar

The horizontal bar is an exercise device fixed on two pillars by an iron bar of 2.8 cm in diameter, fixed at both ends with steel cables. The horizontal bar is an exercise device 2.55 meters above the ground; the main function is to develop upper limb muscle strength. The male crowd.Exercise goals: Enhance the muscle strength of the human body's upper limb bands, shoulders, chest, waist, and abdomen, especially the latissimus dorsi and biceps muscles, improve the grasping ability of both hands and the muscles of the fingers, and improve the body Coordination and flexibility of full force.

2. Parallel Bars

Parallel bars are one of the men's competitive gymnastics. A metal shelf supports two parallel bars made of wood, plastic or synthetic metal. A typical set of parallel bars includes transitions between support, inverted, and arm positions. In addition to competitive parallel bars is also a popular choice for outdoor sports. Parallel bars are one of the equipment gymnastics. Parallel bars can perform various swings, swings, flexions, bends, turns, turns, loops, rollovers, flips, and various static postures with various supports, hanging arms, overhangs in the forward and side directions of one or two bars. Move hard. Its actions are rich in content, comprehensive in type, simple, complicated, easy and difficult. It can change various actions in the bar, end, up, and down, mainly composed of static and dynamic actions. It plays an important role in exercising and developing strength and quality.

Parallel bars exercise is a typical movement exercise for people to develop support and support swing under the condition of bearing their own weight. It plays an important role in making up for the imbalance in the development of upper limb and trunk strength. By practicing parallel bars, students can effectively develop the strength of upper limbs, shoulder straps, and trunk muscle groups, and especially have significant effects on the development of deltoid muscles, pectoralis major, abdomen, and back muscles, and make the elbow, shoulder, waist joint, and ligament flexible and Increased flexibility.

In parallel bars exercises, through various forms of support exercises such as swinging, splitting legs, turning, pushing hands, etc., to improve the human body's self-regulation and control ability in time and space, and have positive effects on people's ability to balance, support and coordinated development. Role.

3. Outdoor Fitness Product Arm Stretcher

What is stretching? Stretching can soften the ligament muscles and joints and reduce the possibility of injury. Stretching includes both active and passive. Active stretching is based on the force of muscle contraction, keeping the action at a specific position, to increase the flexibility of the action and the contractile force of the muscle. The outdoor fitness product arm stretcher is a kind of upper limb training device for upper limbs, which is popular among young people.

4. Outdoor Fitness Product Chest Compression Handle

It is also a type of chest training equipment that strengthens the strength of upper limbs, chest and back muscles, and enhances cardiopulmonary function. How to make it work? There are two ways to look at chest compressions first: sitting on the instrument. Grasp the armrest with both hands and push forward until the arm is straight. Then slowly restore. repeat. Second latitude pull: Sit down, lean on the device, hold the handle with both hands, and then pull it down with full force.

Outdoor sports are the current trend, after all, life is in sports.

Outdoor Fitness Product Arm Stretcher

  Outdoor Fitness Product Arm Stretcher

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