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Precautions and Usage Methods for Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Dec. 10, 2020

In this age when mental power is king, many people think that thinking is the most important thing. The body does not care much. Only when you have a cold or are uncomfortable do you understand how important a good body is. Therefore, the establishment of gyms and Outdoor Fitness Equipment provides convenience for everyone

How to use outdoor fitness equipment has become a big problem. The reason is that there is no dedicated sports instructor, which makes many people walk into misunderstandings during fitness. Not only does it fail to improve health, but affects people’s health. Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment Manufacturers give Everyone sorted out some notes:

Waist And Back Massager

Waist And Back Massager

Attention when using outdoor fitness equipment

1. People who regularly participate in physical exercise should master the speed of exercise volume. Generally, the pulse rate should not exceed 110 beats per minute, and the maximum should not exceed 120 beats per minute. For comrades who do not take part in physical exercise often or at all, they must first choose a sport that suits them.

2. Be sure to prepare before exercise, warm up for about 10-15 minutes. Doing so can prevent twisting the ankle, waist and nerve damage.

3. Do some sorting activities after exercise. Because the capillaries dilate after exercise, if you sit on the ground and stay still, your blood cannot return to the heart at the far end of the body, and you will feel heart suffocation, old comrades with high blood pressure and heart disease. Take a walk after exercise and buffer for about 10 minutes.

4. To master the exercise time. The best time for each exercise should be around 40 minutes, no less than 30 minutes on the left and no more than 1 hour on the right.

Precautions for the use of commonly used fitness equipment

1. Elliptical treadmill: hold the bars tightly with both hands to prevent falling; the swing range of the legs should not be too large to avoid muscle strain.

2. Combined horizontal bar: Hold the horizontal bar firmly with both hands to prevent falling and injury.

3. Rotating waist device: The waist should be controlled when twisting, and the amplitude should not be too large. Always keep your hand from the handle, keep the twisting angle below 45 degrees, and the twisting speed should be slow and even.

4. Waist And Back Massager: moderate force, slow to fast movements.

5. Seesaw: Both hands should hold the handrails tightly, and the oscillation frequency should not be too fast or too large, otherwise it is easy to cause vertebral compression fractures or coccyx of osteoporosis.

6. Spacewalker: Do not swing too much. Especially the elderly have poor muscle flexibility. If the swing of the legs is too large and the speed is too fast, it is easy to strain the muscles around the spine. Therefore, the amplitude of the leg swing should be about 45°, and the frequency should be controlled at about 3 seconds each time.

7. Pushing training device: disabled for the elderly with hip osteomalacia. The main symptom of hip osteomalacia is usually knee pain. For such elderly people, the weight-bearing function of the hip joints is not good. If you perform pedal exercises, the knee extensor muscles may be damaged, which will aggravate the condition.

8. Jianqi training machine: Don't touch the person with herniated disc. This exercise is very suitable for those who often desk, neck muscles and lumbar muscles are strained. But if the disease has progressed to a herniated disc, never use it.

9. Traction trainer: try pull-ups first. If even one pull-up cannot be done, it is best not to use it. Elderly people with insufficient hand strength should not do this exercise.

10. Twisting rotator: The rotation range should not be too large. The amplitude of twisting should not exceed 180°, the speed should be slow, the movement should be gentle, and the frequency should be controlled at about 3 seconds each time.

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