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Fitness For The Disabled? Do You Understand

Dec. 03, 2020

The necessity of fitness for the disabled

Life lies in exercise-the pursuit of health is not only suitable for the able-bodied, but also an important way for people with disabilities to ensure the quality of life. This is also the necessity for the existence of Handicapped Fitness Equipment. The health level of disabled persons is lower than that of able-bodied people of the same age, and lack of exercise is one of the important factors affecting the health of disabled persons. Long-term lack of adequate exercise can lead to many undesirable consequences, such as muscle atrophy due to long-term lack of exercise; decreased joint mobility; increased obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Handicapped Fitness Equipment

Handicapped Fitness Equipment

The benefits of fitness

1. Improve the physical function of the disabled group: strengthen physical fitness, increase cardiopulmonary function, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease; control weight, improve body shape; increase muscle strength; increase joint mobility and physical flexibility, reduce the risk of falls; eliminate spirit Fatigue improves body immunity.

2. Promote mental health: control the anxiety level of people with disabilities and relieve depression.

3. Realize self-worth: The sportsmanship of surpassing oneself helps to stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of people with disabilities.

4. Promote communication and expand social interaction: The Outdoor Fitness Equipment For Disabled People for the disabled helps colleagues who exercise for the disabled, and also helps to promote mutual communication between the disabled and build a bridge for integration into society.

Precautions for fitness

1. Arrange fitness projects and formulate fitness plans according to the specific conditions of the disabled. People with different disability categories and different degrees of disability must arrange fitness programs reasonably.

2. Pay attention to safety. Because of the inconvenience of the disabled, you must pay attention to safety when exercising.

3. Fitness should be moderate. Fitness time and intensity should not be too long or too large to prevent aggravation or even secondary injury.

4. Relax while exercising. When you find yourself irritable, you should adjust your fitness plan in time, maintain a positive and healthy attitude, and achieve the effect of physical and mental pleasure.

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