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Outdoor Fitness Equipment Maintenance Methods

Nov. 19, 2020

In recent years, we can see a lot of Outdoor Fitness Equipment in various districts or squares, and the types of these fitness equipment are also colorful. The construction of these equipment is conducive to the physical exercise of people in the community, and it is also used by many children to play. paradise.

But everything needs maintenance, and community fitness equipment is no exception. Only good maintenance can effectively extend the life of community fitness equipment. So specifically, what kind of maintenance and maintenance of community fitness equipment need to be carried out?

Check the parts of fitness equipment regularly

When checking, check whether there is any loosening and rusting of screws. If there are any, check and repair them in time. There are usually many screws and connections on the fitness equipment in the community. When using these fitness equipment, we should check them regularly to avoid potential safety hazards. Once these safety hazards are discovered, they must be repaired in time. .

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Regularly clean and disinfect the fitness equipment in the community

The fitness equipment in the community is a public facility, so many people touch it, which makes it easy to be polluted. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and disinfect it regularly. When cleaning, use a soft cloth and an appropriate amount of detergent, and add some disinfectant when necessary, so that these Street Workout Equipment can be effectively disinfected and cleaned.

Oiling the parts of fitness equipment in the community

The fitness equipment in the community is generally placed outdoors. The wind and sun are likely to rust. At this time, it needs to be oiled to maintain its lubrication and effectively extend its service life.

The country has regulations that fitness equipment that exceeds the safe service life should be compulsorily scrapped

The Outdoor Park Gym Equipment at the end of life must be removed and replaced with new equipment, because a damaged fitness equipment may become an untime bomb, threatening the lives of residents at any time. After dealing with these details, they will become the angels of scientific management, and if they are left unchecked, they will become devils that damage the image and management level of the property company.

It is the responsibility of the property company to ensure that these convenient implementations for the majority of owners are in normal use at any time and for a long time. It is also an obligation.

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