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ST-F01X Sit-up Board (Double)
ST-F01X Sit-up Board (Double)

ST-F01X TUV certified outdoor fitness products Sit-up Board (Double)


To build up the muscular strength of abdomen, waist and back.

Lie on your back on the board, put you lower leg on the horizontal tubule, cross your hands and make them close to your post-head. Bend your body forward and then back to the inintial position. Repeat time after time.

Production line: Outdoor fitness equipment

Series: Premium series

Measurements: 1607x1212x750mm

Weight: 83KG

Age group: 16+

Max load capacity: 120KG

Material: Steel

Main pipe: φ140mm

Thickness: 3mm

ST-F01X Sit-up Board (Double)

ST-F01X Sit-up Board (Double)ST-F01X Sit-up Board (Double)
With a sleeve structure, the connection stability of the column is strong, making people feel stronger and safer.

The overall design adopts a single column integral structure with less land occupatio

ST-F01X Sit-up Board (Double)

ST-F01X Sit-up Board (Double)

ST-F01X Sit-up Board (Double)

Dimension of the holes: 500*300*500mm

Quantity of the holes: 1

Concrete cushion thickness: 100mm

Concrete pouring height: 300mm

Concrete mixture ratio(cement, sand, stone): 1:2:3.5

Backfill soil height: 100mm