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Do You Use These Common Outdoor Fitness Equipment?

Jun. 06, 2020

There are various public fitness equipment in many parks and residential areas. There are really a lot of people exercising every day. Take two steps on the stroller, stretch your arms and press your legs. But have you read the instructions carefully before using fitness equipment? The exercise method you are used to is likely to be wrong! How to properly use common outdoor fitness equipment? Let's take a look with Street Workout Equipment Supplier!

1. Stroller

Hold the handle with both hands, separate your feet, stand on the two pedals, and then swing back and forth naturally, just like walking on a flat ground. And can strengthen the human lower limb muscle strength and improve aerobic capacity.

Note: It should not be too fast. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and people with balance dysfunction should exercise as directed by a doctor.

Do not swing too much. Many middle-aged and elderly people like to shake their legs together. This is very dangerous, and the center of gravity is easy to be unstable. Once they fall down, the first injury is the back brain. When the elderly operate the stroller, the appropriate swing range is about 45°, and the optimal frequency is 3-4 seconds / time.

2.Waist And Back Massager


Seated: Sitting on the seat, holding the armrest close to the massage column with both hands at the waist, moving the massage column up and down for movement; standing up: legs on horseback, leaning against the two massage columns, holding the armrest with both hands, moving the body left and right, roller Exercise with your back.


Two people can use it at the same time, mainly to exercise the waist and back muscles to relieve waist and back fatigue.


(1)Do not move your arms too fast to avoid straining your muscles.

(2)When standing for massage, hold the armrests with both hands.

(3)The equipment should be inspected before use to ensure that the equipment is intact; it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment when it is damaged.

(4)Minors must be used under adult supervision.

Waist And Back Massager

Waist And Back Massager

3. Seated chest muscle training device


Sit with your back to the equipment, hold the handle tightly with both hands, press the inside of the arms against the swing bar while swinging hard to your chest, and return slowly.


Strengthen human arm, chest, back, waist muscle strength, improve heart and lung function.


(1)Exercise according to your physical fitness.

(2)Children under 15 years of age and those who do not have the ability to operate independently should be under the supervision of a special person.

(3)No one is allowed to stand within 1 meter of the equipment.

(4)Climbing and playing are strictly prohibited.

The above is the use of outdoor fitness equipment introduced by Fun Outdoor Playground Equipment Supplier.

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