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Do You Use These Common Outdoor Fitness Equipment Correctly?

Oct. 10, 2020

Many parks and residential areas have all kinds of public fitness equipment. There are really a lot of people who exercise every day. Take two steps on the stroller and stretch your arms and press your legs. But before using the fitness equipment, have you read the instructions carefully? The exercise method you are used to is probably wrong! How to use common outdoor fitness equipment correctly? Take a look with the Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment Manufacturer!




Clench the handle with both hands, separate your feet, stand firmly on the two pedals, and then swing back and forth naturally, just like walking on the ground. 


Enhance the muscle strength of the lower limbs of the human body and improve aerobic exercise capacity.




It should not be too fast. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and those with balance dysfunction should practice as prescribed by a doctor. Don't swing too much. Many middle-aged and elderly people like to shake their legs together. This is very dangerous, and the center of gravity is easy to be unstable. When the elderly are operating the stroller, the most suitable swing amplitude is about 45°, and the best frequency is 3-4 seconds/time.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Back Massager


Sitting position: Sit on the seat board, the waist is close to the massage column, hold the armrests with both hands, move the massage column up and down to exercise; vertical: legs in horse stance, back against two massage columns, both hands hold the armrests, the body moves left and right, rollers Exercise with the back movement.


Two people can use it at the same time, mainly to exercise the waist and back muscles to relieve waist and back fatigue.



1. Do not move your arms too fast to avoid straining the muscles.  

2. When standing massage, your hands should hold the handrails tightly.  

3. The equipment should be checked before use to ensure that the equipment is in good condition; it is strictly prohibited to use the equipment when it is damaged.

4. Minors must be used under adult supervision.

Seated chest muscle training device


Sit with your back to the equipment, hold the handle tightly with both hands, press the pendulum bar on the inside of your arms, and swing to your chest while slowly restoring.


Strengthen the muscles of human arms, chest, back and waist, improve heart and lung function.


1. Exercise appropriately according to your physical ability.

2. Children under 15 and those who do not have the ability to operate independently should be supervised by a dedicated person.

3. No others are allowed to stand within 1 meter of the equipment.

4. Climbing and playing are strictly prohibited.

Back Muscle Training Device



As shown in the posture or hold the handle with both hands, stand firmly and bend down firmly.


Exercise the flexibility of the back muscles and waist and abdomen.



1. During exercise, your feet must rest firmly on the tube to prevent your body from falling forward.

2. The equipment should be inspected before use to ensure that the equipment is in good condition; it is strictly prohibited to use the equipment when it is damaged.

3. Minors must use under adult supervision!

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