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ST-D02 Horizontal Bars
ST-D02 Horizontal Bars

ST-D02 TUV certified outdoor fitness products Horizontal Bars


To enhance the muscular strength of upper limbs, shoulders,buttock and abdomen, and promote the coordinating abilities of your body.

Both hands grasp the horizontal bar. Make your body overhung and speel from one side to the other.

Production line: Outdoor fitness equipment

Series: Premium series

Measurements: 2914x140x2255mm

Weight: 90KG

Age group: 16+

Max load capacity: 120KG

Material: Steel

Main pipe: φ114mm

thickness: 3mm

ST-D02 Horizontal Bars

ST-D02 Horizontal BarsST-D02 Horizontal BarsST-D02 Horizontal Bars

The steel surface is made of spring steel with a diameter of Φ30mm, which can experience toughness and strength during use.

The design is divided into two different height positions to best meet the needs of different users.

Adopt the advanced electrostatic spraying line.

Use non-toxic high-quality plastic powder, which is green and environmental friendly and no paint-shedding. The life of the equipment is longer.

Stainless steel bolts are anti-theft, anti-rust, anti-loose and waterproof

ST-D02 Horizontal Bars

ST-D02 Horizontal Bars

ST-D02 Horizontal Bars

Dimension of the holes: 500 * 500 * 700mm

Quantity of the holes: 3

Concrete cushion thickness: 100mm

Concrete pouring height: 500mm

Concrete mixture ratio(cement, sand, stone): 1:2:3.5

Backfill soil height: 100mm