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5 Standards For Providing Outdoor Sports Equipment For Children

Aug. 31, 2020

1. The use and placement of sports equipment should be game-like. For example, in the throwing area organized by the small class-hitting monsters, the teacher puts the throwing object in the middle, surrounded by a circle of tires, which has both the throwing height and the throwing distance. The game situation of hitting the monsters stimulates children's interest in throwing. Another example is the "brave little pig" in the drill-climbing area of the middle class. Teachers use benches and rubber bands to combine them into "bunkers and wires" to continuously strengthen the essentials for children to crawl forward through the environment and move forward safely. Another example is the "exploration treasure hunt" in the big class. The teacher placed a few lifelike shark toys under the ladder in the balance area, implying that "there is danger under the bridge". You must keep your balance, slow, steady, and well, and don't fall into the river. Let the sharks "eat".

2. The use and release of sports equipment should be challenging. Sports are diverse and challenging, attract children to take the initiative to participate, and cultivate children's bold and courageous will. For this reason, we specially designed two ladders with different widths and different heights. In the beginning, the children are moving forward cautiously. After many exercises under the protection of the teacher, the children can change their hands on the ladder to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the children to exercise, and the joy and success of the game are satisfied. The combination of ladders and different equipment is easy to generate interesting sports. We use the combination of ladders and tires to swing horizontally, vertically, flatly, and obliquely. These have become sports that children are willing to try and actively explore.

3. The use and placement of sports equipment should be hierarchical. The materials should attract young children, make them like to play and are willing to play, and should often guide them to change the way of exercise, and strive to provide suitable exercise space for children of different development levels. For example: the throwing area provides throwing objects (sandbags, balls) of varying sizes and weights. The throwing line is far or near. Children can choose the position according to their personal preferences. The balance area creates balance beams, stilts, plum blossom piles, etc. It is difficult for children to choose equipment according to their own developmental level.

children's swing sets

children's swing sets

4. Use markers skillfully to cultivate awareness of rules.

As the saying goes, there is no rule without a circle. The cultivation of children's awareness of rules is the basis for children to successfully carry out large-scale outdoor sports activities. For example: We place the same material in a fixed area, and there are hints of icons. When children see these, they will understand the rules of the movement without knowing it, and they are both excited and interested in the activity.

The big cycle activities enable children to choose materials and play methods in a relaxed, happy, and voluntary state. Children carry and build materials they need together in the activities, discuss play methods together, expand new play methods together, cooperate with games, etc., to cultivate children Good sense of communication and cooperation.

5. Explore the gameplay of sports equipment and give play to its sports value.

In our garden, waste tires are very popular sports materials for children. There are endless ways to play tires. In the big cycle activity, we began to place the tires crosswise, and the child ran around the tire in an "S" shape; later we placed the tires in a horizontal or vertical row, and the child jumped in and out on one or both feet; A few tires are placed in a straight line next to each other, and the child will step on them or jump in and out continuously; using the tires in conjunction with a ladder, it becomes a device for practicing suspended climbing. In short, a change in the use of materials keeps children fresh from time to time, and allows children to increase their interest in practice and exercise their abilities in interest.

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