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Will The Fitness Equipment Industry Soar Under The Epidemic?

Jan. 16, 2021

The fitness equipment industry is an important segment of the sports industry. In home fitness, fitness equipment is an indispensable expense. The new coronavirus is coming so fiercely. In order to avoid contact with the outside world and reduce the chance of virus infection, most people choose to self-isolate at home, which provides great opportunities for Outdoor Fitness Equipment Manufacturers.

The spread of the epidemic has dealt a great blow to fitness companies that rely on offline for their livelihoods. It is just that people have laid back their homes, but their fitness needs have not decreased. For the time being, the effect of fitness is a matter of time.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

The consumption of fitness equipment in this epidemic is divided into urgently needed consumption, terrorist consumption, and post-epidemic retaliatory consumption: urgently needed consumption comes from fitness professionals who purchase corresponding equipment according to their physical needs and habits; The retaliatory consumption comes entirely from the fear of the virus, hoping to exercise and strengthen the physical fitness in a short time.

People had the same awareness of SARS 13 years ago. According to the statistical data of the year, by the end of May 2003, the sales growth of more than 600 domestic sports goods business units exceeded 20%, an increase of 112% over March, of which fitness equipment accounted for a large proportion.

After the end of SARS, the fitness equipment market has become more and more subdivided: Adult Outdoor Fitness Equipment that has a small amount of exercise and can exercise outdoors has the highest sales volume. This equipment is characterized by strong practicability and multiple functions, and is suitable for decentralized sports in communities and families. , Such as badminton rackets, treadmills; gyms are booming, and public fitness equipment is very popular; SARS makes the public more concerned about air circulation, so the tightness is relatively strong, such as bowling equipment sales will be affected.

On the whole, after the end of the epidemic, the general trend of industrial development should be similar to SARS.In addition, SARS has increased the demand for outdoor fitness equipment, and people are more motivated to exercise outdoors, such as playing tennis and badminton, or going to public outdoor fitness places to exercise. This is also a way for everyone to end the monotonous life at home and return to normal social activities. . For the time being, the epidemic has not passed, but judging from the boring circle of friends, the day when the epidemic is announced is also the day when people go out of their homes, the good season for outdoor fitness equipment is bound to come.

The black swan event of the epidemic can indeed temporarily stimulate the sales of Fitness Equpiment, but in the final analysis, the quality of the equipment itself and the later service level determine its lifespan and prospects. Spring will always come, but for companies with strong strength and solid basic skills, if spring comes, they can still develop.

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