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LK-L02 Wall BarsLK-L02 Wall Bars
LK-L02 Wall BarsLK-L02 Wall Bars

LK-L02 wpc outdoor exercise equipment Wall Bars


To increase the strength of abdominal muscles and the overhanging strength of your upper limbs.

Choose a horizontal bar according to your own stature. Make your body overhang and your feet leave the ground. Contract the abdomen with your back against the horizontal bar.

Production line: Outdoor fitness equipment

Series: Luxury series

Measurements: 4284×3124×1955mm 

Weight: 49KG

Age group: 16+

Max load capacity: 120KG

Material: WPC and Steel

Main pipe: 120*80mm

Thickness: 3mm

LK-L02 Wall Bars

LK-L02 Wall BarsLK-L02 Wall BarsLK-L02 Wall BarsLK-L02 Wall Bars
The safety distance between the horizontal bars is more than 230mm, which effectively prevents the danger caused by the clip of the child or adult head.Fully automatic robot welding line, welding strength is stronger, and the weld bead is more beautiful.The first top horizontal bar is flush with the top of the column, and there is no risk of hooking, which effectively prevents the risk of human hair or necklace from being caught or entangled.WPC board is connected by stainless steel bolts for effective anti-theft, anti-rust, anti-loose and waterproof.

LK-L02 Wall Bars

LK-L02 Wall Bars

LK-L02 Wall Bars

Dimension of the holes: 410*410*600mm

Quantity of the holes: 2

Concrete cushion thickness: 100mm

Concrete pouring height: 400mm

Concrete mixture ratio(cement, sand, stone): 1: 2: 3.5

Backfill soil height: 100mm