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LK-J02F Rider
LK-J02F Rider

LK-J02F wpc outdoor exercise equipment Rider


To build up the muscles of upper limbs and enhance the flexibility and agility of the shoulder joint.

Take hold of the handgrip of the rotating wheel with both hands and roll simultaneously clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Production line: Outdoor fitness equipment

Series: Luxury series

Measurements: 1382×612×976mm

Weight: 41KG

Age group: 16+

Max load capacity: 120KG

Material: WPC and Steel

Main pipe: 120*80mm

Thickness: 3mm

LK-J02F Rider

LK-J02F RiderLK-J02F RiderLK-J02F RiderLK-J02F Rider
The seat is designed with a 4mm iron plate in one press forming process, which is firm and durable and has a long service life.U-shaped design with a space of more than 30mm, effectively preventing the danger of human hands being caught.The handle sleeve is fixed by rivets, which effectively prevents the risk of falls caused by the falling of the handle sleeve; the diameter of the end of the handle sleeve is Φ52mm, which effectively prevents the risk of falling down. The flexible inner limit device is designed to prevent accidental crushing hazard.

LK-J02F Rider

LK-J02F Rider

LK-Z08 Surfboard

Dimension of the holes: 410*410*500mm

Quantity of the holes: 2

Concrete cushion thickness: 100mm

Concrete pouring height: 300mm

Concrete mixture ratio(cement, sand, stone): 1:2:3.5

Backfill soil height: 100mm