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ST-Z05X Waist Twister(Triple)
ST-Z05X Waist Twister(Triple)

ST-Z05X TUV certified outdoor fitness products Waist Twister(Triple)


It is good for movement of waist joints and can help to relax the muscle of waist and back, and to enhance agility and flexibility of waist.

Take hold of the handle with both hands, keep your feet standing well and move your body from one side to the other.

Production line: Outdoor fitness equipment

Series: Premium series

Measurements: 1486x1327x1224mm

Weight: 48KG

Age group: 16+

Max load capacity: 120KG

Material: Steel

Main pipe: φ140mm

Thickness: 3mm

ST-Z05X Waist Twister(Triple)

ST-Z05X Waist Twister(Triple)ST-Z05X Waist Twister(Triple)ST-Z05X Waist Twister(Triple)
Stainless steel anti-theft bolts are effectively anti-theft, anti-rust, anti-loose and waterproof.Adopt advanced electrostatic spraying technology, adopt special environmental friendly plastic powder, green and not easy to fall paint.Easy to take off for fixing. The connection between main column and turning table is stable, which make people feel safer.

ST-Z05X Waist Twister(Triple)

ST-Z05X Waist Twister(Triple)

ST-J02X Rider (Single)

Dimension of the holes: 500*300*500mm

Quantity of the holes: 1

Concrete cushion thickness: 100mm

Concrete pouring height: 300mm

Concrete mixture ratio(cement, sand, stone): 1: 2: 3.5

Backfill soil height: 100mm