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Luxury treadmill product number: SN-1003
Luxury treadmill product number: SN-1003

Luxury treadmill product number: SN-1003


Function: can consume energy, improve cardiopulmonary skills, speed up blood circulation,loss weight, mainly exercise leg muscles.

Exercise method: run from slow to fast. During running, the shoulders should be naturally relaxed, and suck in your stomach, straighten your shoulders, also, the upper body should be kept straight or slightly forward, and the thighs should naturally drive the calves forward.

1. Display screen: LED dynamic digital display, seven windows display various functional parameters from time to time;

2. Button type: touch, direct speed selection function, direct slope selection function, users can adjust time, distance, calorie countdown mode

3. Security key: press the central emergency button at critical moments;

4. The running belt of the treadmill adopts the German Siegling transmission system, the running board strengthens the thickness, and the comfort is stronger. Runway area: 1500 (length) * 550 (width) mm Roller structure: diameter 100mm length: 610mm;

5. Power: Continuous power 3.0HP Maximum power: 7.0HP;

6. Drive motor: Ultra quiet AC variable frequency motor;

7. Speed range: 1-20KM / H Slope range: 0-20%;

8. Frequency converter: Mitsubishi (import) / domestic;

9. Running belt circumference: 3420mm width: 560mm thickness: 3.1 / 4.0mm;

10. Maximum load: 180KG.

11.Appearance size: (L) 2300 * (W) 970 * (H) 1560mm