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Luxury Commercial Treadmill (LED) Product Code: SN-1010
Luxury Commercial Treadmill (LED) Product Code: SN-1010

Luxury Commercial Treadmill (LED) Product Code: SN-1010


Function: can consume energy, improve cardiopulmonary skills, speed up blood circulation,loss weight, mainly exercise leg muscles.

Exercise method: run from slow to fast. During running, the shoulders should be naturally relaxed, and suck in your stomach, straighten your shoulders, also, the upper body should be kept straight or slightly forward, and the thighs should naturally drive the calves forward.

1. "C" shape streamlined design, modern, concise and full of science and technology, the main column and the running table are mainly white, with black environmental protection materials, which form a sharp contrast and have outstanding characteristics;

2. Screen position according to ergonomic principles,easy to operate;

3. Optional function: "B-Cloud" custom club "cloud service"-scan code login, cloud storage of all user sports records;

4. Optional function: Intelligent detection system-intelligent early warning, when the user is at the rear end of the treadmill (the arm cannot touch the emergency stop switch position), the treadmill automatically reduces the speed to 3km / h,improving the safety of the product Usability

5. Adopting the German Siegling transmission system, thickness strengthened running board, and the four-fold shock absorber reduces the wear on the knee joint during training.

6. Running belt thickness: 2.5 / 4.0mm, circumference: 3400mm width: 600mm

7. Runway area: 1565 (L) * 600 (W) mm

8. Speed range: 1-20km / h, slope range 0-20%

9.Drum structure diameter: 85mm  Length: 640mm

10. Power interface :220V + 10% 50 / 60HZ

11. Continuous power: 3.0HP Maximum power: 9.0HP

12. Ultra-quiet AC inverter motor

13. Inverter: Mitsubishi (imported) / domestically produced

14. Dimensions (L * W * H) :2260 * 990 * 1625mm

15.Maximum load: 180KG / 397LBS