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Elliptical machine product number: SN-1012
Elliptical machine product number: SN-1012

Elliptical machine product number: SN-1012


Function:elliptical machine can not only lose weight, thin legs, but also coordinate limbs and bodybuilding. Long-term exercises of the body can help improve the body's patience, exercise cardiopulmonary function, improve exercise power, reduce fat loss, and do recover training.

Exercise method:Stand with your feet on the pedal, hold the handle with both hands, and do exercise. Do not jump on the pedal.

1. Intelligent display window: LED dynamic digital display, showing resistance, speed and time at any time, helping you to monitor your own movement status at all times

2. Humanized design, various user-defined programs

3. Adopt advanced electromagnetic resistance adjustment system and configure imported self-generated motor, which is more safe and reliable

4. Hand-held heart rate detection, detect your own heart rate value at any time

5. The dial has a delay function. After the movement stops, the dial shows the movement status and movement effect in a delayed manner.

6. The key operating parts are made of high-strength and durable accessories to make the operation smoother and lasting

7. The main body of the reinforced frame is firm, durable, stable and beautiful

8. Exercise level: 10-level resistance setting

9. Preset exercise program: 6 kinds

10. Transmission system: multi-belt transmission

11. Language type: English

12. Power supply type: high-tech self-generated motor

13. Maximum load: 330 lbs / 150 kg

14.Specification size: 2100mm * 750mm * 1500mm